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What’s Cookin?

November is not my favorite month, but it does contain my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, so I’m in a very good mood.  All this great info below is also making me feel nice and jolly – hope you enjoy this month’s “What’s Cookin?”

what's cookin2

One of the stops on our Nashville Pedal Tavern tour.  I believe it’s owned by George Straight’s manager.  I love that there was live music at 4 PM…just like every bar in Nashville.


  • Restaurants
    • People are seriously bummed about the election results, and I can’t blame them.  I definitely ate my feelings on Tuesday.  If you’re in NYC and in the mood for some serious comfort food, check out Grub Street’s list of the best.
    • Yes, I know it’s gimmicky, but I really want to check out Thursday Kitchen and their boozy Capri Sun-type drinks.  It may be a trendy place, but the food still sounds good.  Sign me up.
  • Cooking
    • I’m guilty of going to restaurants just so I can take a picture of banana leaf wallpaper and #BurgerPorn for optimal Instagrammage, but it’s true that there’s something special about forgoing restaurants in favor of a homecooked meal, as Padma Lakshmi advises.
    • I love the idea of a Fall or Winter sangria and this cranberry chai version is one of the more interesting (yet still easy) ones I’ve seen.  It makes me want to host a friendsgiving.
what's cookin1

Just a bit of the amazing street art we saw all over Nashville

Food for Thought

  • Did you know November is Trans Awareness Month?  While I didn’t realize books by transgender authors was a genre, I’m interested in exploring the topic with some of these books by trans authors.  I’ve briefly heard the story behind “Balls,” but I would love to get all the detail from the person who lived it.
  • I just learned about The Wing and am SUPER intrigued.  Basically, it’s a clubhouse; however, while most clubhouses are men’s territory, this is a women-only zone.  It’s got a library, workspace, food and drink, and primping areas.  They also organize cultural events for members.  Basically, it looks amazing.  At $185/month or discounted to $1,950/year, the price is a little steep for me at the moment…that hasn’t stopped me from very seriously considering applying.
  • You’ve probably heard of Emma Watson’s feminist book club, but now she’s taking it a step further by stashing books in the subway.  I honestly don’t know what else to say beyond “You go, girl!”
what's cookin3

Looking to the future

Bits & Bites

  • Albert and me are both pretty much the last of all our friends to get married, so I found it interesting to read this perspective on being the first of a group of friends to tie the knot.
  • With these new features, Instagram Stories just keeps gettin better…and gives me zero reason to return to Snapchat.  Sorry, Snap!
  • We’re no longer in peak wedding season, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped altogether.  I, personally, have a January New York wedding on the calendar and have always found it tough to dress for cold weather fetes.  You wind up with more layers and muted colors, which always make me feel less cute.  I love these tips for dressing for Winter weddings – you can look fun and don’t even have to wear a long dress to stay warm!

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