Casa Enrique

Mexican restaurants are usually super colorful.  Casa Enrique, however, is all white.  White walls, white tables, white everything.  Mexican restaurants are also not usually the first place you’d think of when it comes to Michelin stars, yet Casa Enrique has one of those.  It’s just full of surprises.

casa enrique1
Cute lil courtyard

Casa Enrique is right off the Vernon Blvd stop in Long Island City, which is just one stop from Grand Central.  This is not far-away Queens.  This is super close Queens, which is good because I need to go back soon for their dinner menu.  What I did taste was their brunch menu, and I was very impressed.  Danielle and I both started with a pineapple margarita.  I was surprised to realize I had never tried pineapple as a ‘rita flavor.  It was so fresh tasting!  Then I munched on whatever those fried puffed air thingies they put on the table.  Those were mildly addictive.

casa enrique3casa enrique2

For our entrees, Danielle got the huevos rancheros, while I got the chilaquiles with chicken.  I would have liked a bit more avocado on mine, but the flavor was on point (albeit spicy…which just made me drink my pineapple marg faster).  I loved that everything was house made.  The chilaquiles was made with fresh strips of puffy, fried tortillas and the chicken was nice and stewed.

casa enrique5casa enrique4

The portions aren’t massive, but they’re appropriate.  And the food isn’t just covered with so much cheese that you can’t tell anything apart.  I love me some cheese, but the idea is that an enchilada should feel different than a tostada.  And then there’s the adorable logo of a dog in a sombrero.  I meeeeeean…