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Gifting: Decoded…The Boozehound

Every once in a while I give a gift and can see that the recipient is truly thrilled to have gotten it.  It’s one of the best feelings ever – like, “I won!”  It’s not always easy to buy the perfect present so I’ve assembled some themed gift guides to help you out.

Whether you need to figure out what to give your family and friends for Xmas/Chanukah or in need of a hostess gift for whomever generously offered to throw this year’s ugly sweater party, alcohol related gifts are usually a good bet.  I’ll admit, a bottle of wine is my go-to when I need to bring a hostess gift.  While there’s nothing wrong with that, try -if you can – to aim just a bit higher.  Please make sure the recipient is of-age and, of course, be sure to drink responsibly.

Some things I kept in mind: nobody needs another drink shaker.  If they’ve got one, they’ve got enough.  And do people really use wine charms?  They’re tiny and, therefore, tend to get lost in the drawer soon after receiving them and I, personally, never let my glass leave my sight anyway.  Ice sphere molds are great gifts, but I’m guessing you’ve seen them on gift guides before.  So here are a few items that those who imbibe are sure to enjoy:

FYI – I’m actually pretty impressed with myself for getting this out with enough time for you to actually buy gifts.  Maybe that means I won’t procrastinate when buying my own gifts this year.

gifting decoded - for the boozehound

  1. Infused booze (I love that rhyme) is actually really easy.  Just stick the alcohol of your choice into a mason jar with any of a number of flavor enhancers.  That said, few people make the [minimal] effort to do it.  Take out the guesswork with this margarita infusion kit.  Simply pour tequila into these jars of freeze-dried fruits, herbs and bitter-infused sugar cubes, let it sit, and enjoy some craft cocktails with zero hassle. [$26 for set of 2, each makes 6+ drinks, tequila not included]
  2. Coasters are a good gift because a) you can never have too many coasters and b) it’s good to give to someone even if they’re not big drinkers.  Even water sheds condensation and would necessitate a coaster.  It’s nice to give a set of hearty coasters, but those are more subject to taste.  As a gift, I’m in the habit of giving a set of cute pulp board coasters.  These have cute wine sayings (that could be applied to people, too) and are disposable after a few uses (though I have similar ones and have used them a million times). [$11.99 for set of 12]
  3. While ice spheres may be overdone on gift guides, what about an ice skull?  It serves the same purpose as a sphere – being large enough to keep your cocktail cold without watering it down too quickly – but is way more fun to look at.  [$13 for set of 2]
  4. You knew there had to be one monogrammed thing on this list; is is moi, after all.  In this case, it’s an initialed bottle stopper.  These are great because the base is metal (vs. cork, which can get stained by the wine) with rubber gaskets to keep air out.  [$39 for set of 2 – on sale for $31]
  5. Metal drinking straws elevate your entertaining like whoa.  You can find them in a variety of metals, but I personally like the look of the “bendy” straw.  [$14.95 for set of 6]
  6. The Carry-on Cocktail Kit is a great stocking stuffer.  It’s also good to give to anyone about to head to a bachelor/bachelorette party.  Basically, it’s all you need to make a fun cocktail while you’re 30,000 feet up in the air.  Simply add the ingredients from this tiny pack to the airline supplied nip and mixer and voila – party on a plane!  W&P Design (the originator) makes several versions from Bloody Mary to Hot Toddy, but my favorite is actually the Gray Malin one because…sprinkles and flamingos. [$28]

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