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The good thing about attending an event with a set menu is that you get to try a lot of things on the menu, including dessert, which I typically forego.  That’s why I was very happy to attend an event at Bocca last night where I not only got to try a new (to me) restaurant, but a lot of items off their menu (note: our menu was slightly updated to reflect the season).

Even though I was eating out, I tried to maintain my Weekday Healthy attitude.  That’s why I went rogue and instead of getting the mozzarella appetizer (which, let’s be honest, is the one app out of all 5 options that truly screamed Tess), I got the beef carpaccio.  Apparently being healthy has its perks because this ended up being wonderful.  The meat was tender and flavorful and the apple celery root slaw wasn’t overly sweet.  There was just enough fresh parm to finish off the dish.  Jourdan ordered the mozz and while it looked very good, this is the first time I’ve been happy I didn’t choose cheese.  Mine just felt a little more special.  The crab cake also smelled delicious, though, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to creep close enough to the girl next to me to determine the crab to breading ratio.


Sorry, I was halfway through before I remembered to take a pic

All the pasta entrées were brought to the table first and I was a little upset I didn’t go with carbs…until my salmon arrived.  It had that crispy skin that’s so good.  I liked that the portion size of the sides wasn’t too massive, but I would have preferred just a bit more cauliflower purée because it was delicious and I’m thinking way too decadent to be considered a vegetable.


Finally, I went with the basil panna cotta for dessert because I didn’t need to see another flourless molten chocolate thing and also because, as someone who doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth, I really enjoy herbs infused into things (drinks, desserts, you name it).  It was nice and fresh – a great way to end the meal.


I love finding places that can accommodated group dinners.  Bocca is great for a nice Italian meal with your significant other, but they also make it very easy to host an event.  The fact that they have a 3-course menu more or less at the ready shows that they’re more than prepared for groups.  And the event menu doesn’t feel at all like you’re getting the shaft.  You get plenty of options for each course, and those options aren’t the throw away ones.  No basic mixed green salad here.

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