Mexican Rice

Are you looking for an easy side dish for tonight’s Taco Tuesday celebration?  Look no further than this Mexican rice, which is flavorful and so easy to make.  I followed this recipe and it came out perfectly.  It’s as easy as cooking rice in chicken stock with some garlic powder, cumin, a little butter, and salsa.  Done.

mexican rice1
Note: if you see a little liquid on the top when the timer is done, don’t keep cooking.  Simply stir it in – this sucker is DONE.

You honestly just stick the ingredients in a pot and forget about it for 25 minutes.  You don’t even need to stir it.  Despite your lack of effort, you’ll still end up with rice that’s nice and fluffy.

mexican rice2
Fluffy fluffy.  (Note: It would probably be good to sprinkle a little shredded cheese on the top.  I can’t imagine that would be bad.)

This is perfect as a side dish, but I could also totally see it as part of a burrito filling.  Maybe with some cilantro?  And make sure you use salsa that’s at least medium heat.  Mild just won’t cut it here.  You need flava flav!

mexican rice3
Funny enough, I served this rice as part of a non-Mexican-themed meal.  Still good.