3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

While these three photos barely scratch the surface of Lindsay’s wedding weekend, thinking about these moments is keeping me extra happy this week (as if I wasn’t already super happy given the short work week, thanks to MLK day).


I always love getting my hospitality bag as an out of town wedding guest.  Of course after so many weddings I get very judgy: “Why would they give us bottled water when we can get it for free at the hotel?”, “What a thoughtful list of activities!”, “Does anybody ever eat the peanuts?”, and “This bag is so sturdy!” are all phrases I’ve said upon opening my little gift baggie.  Maybe I think too much about it, but I love when the couple puts some extra thought into personalizing the bag.  I thought it was so cute that Lindsay and Jason included a cartoon rendering of one of their engagement photos, along with crayons, in their bag.  It was such a cute touch that I had never seen done before.


Lindsay and Jason’s first dance went off without a hitch.  They took a bunch of lessons so they knew what they were doing.  It didn’t look like they winged it, per se, but it also didn’t look too overly choreographed.  This convinced me that my beau and I need to take just a couple lessons before our big day.


Lindsay wanted her first look to be a private moment between her and Jason.  Of course, while we made sure to give them plenty of space, we couldn’t resist watching from [very] afar.  It was cute to watch them see each other for the first time that day.  It was just one of several times throughout the weekend that you could look at this couple and see how much they love each other.  Also, they lucked out with the weather.  It was cold, but just warm enough for them to do a few quick pictures outside in front of the gorgeous Long Island Sound.

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