The Potter’s House

Any food place that’s labeled as a “community space” seems cool to me.  Usually that means that in addition to food/drink, there are comfy couches, books, and maybe even events.  Such is the case with The Potter’s House in DC.  If you’re in the Adams Morgan area and looking to grab a leisurely cup of coffee, this is definitely the place.

potters house1

The coffee is Coffee Culture, so it’s good.  The food is delicious and includes lots of gluten free and vegan options.  Don’t worry, there’s still real bacon there if you want it.  Usually, I find, when a place caters to vegans, they also want to tell you the meat lifestyle is capital W wrong.  Here, they let you just do you, whether that you is healthy or not.  I ordered the banana bread granola over some of the thickest yogurt I’ve ever had.  I drizzled some maple syrup over the top because I simply can’t allow myself to be TOO healthy.

potters house2

As far as books and culture go, the literature is a curated collection with a focus on multicultural authors and social movements.  When it comes to events, there’s yoga, author talks, breathing sessions, wisdom circles, grandparent networking opportunities, and concerts.  I don’t know what half of those events could entail, but I think it’s cool they’re offered.

potters house3

If you’re looking for a side of culture with your coffee (and really, who isn’t?), make sure to check out Potter’s House next time you’re in DC.

potters house4