What’s Cookin?

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I actually don’t mind going to the post office when it’s the beautiful one by my office.  And the people were so nice and helpful there!



  • I’d always turned up my nose at this bar in my neighborhood.  I didn’t like when they changed their name immediately after opening (I know it’s still the same place – who do you think you’re fooling?!) and it bothered me that they were trying to do too much, offering sushi at a sports bar.  However, I’m very impressed to hear about their new business plan.  They identified a hole in the marketplace and decided to fill it – bravo!  I’ve actually noticed the uptick in business, and I’m happy to hear the reason behind it..
  • Strategically plan your takeout so you get a good night’s sleep.


  • I’ve always been a Sweet ‘n Low gal (probably because it’s what my Mom used when I was younger.  It’s sweeter and dissolves faster to make my coffee oh so yum yum.  And it turns out it doesn’t cause cancer!  What does your sweetener of choice say about you?
  • I am very happy to learn that my coffee addiction may actually keep me healthy into my old age.
  • It’s always good to remember cheese plates don’t have to be fancy.  Love this guide for building platters that are made of simply 1 cheese and 1 bread.
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Buffalo chicken dip: always welcome at a party, especially if that party revolves around the Super Bowl.  In my personal experience, it will help soften the blow of a Falcons loss.

Food for Thought

  • Literary themed wine is honestly a dream come true for me.  I need all the bottles.
  • Stocking buses with free books is a genius idea.  Let’s make this happen everywhere and extend it to subways too.
  • Daliya Marie Arana is my hero.  This lovable 4-year old (from Georgia, no less!) has read over 1,000 books and got to spend a day shadowing the head of the Library of Congress, also known as my dream come true.  I WANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH HER.
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Tea time

Bits & Bites

  • OMG I literally just died reading these obituaries of teenage girls who died when they said they would.  I can’t even.
  • As a New Yorker living in a tiny apartment, I get soooo excited when home decor brands start recognizing us little people.  CB2 has been my go-to for small space solutions and while they will still remain very much on my radar, it’s nice to see Pottery Barn getting into the small space game with a collection in a different aesthetic – the more tiny decor to choose from the better!
  • Heinz wants the day after the Super Bowl to be observed as a holiday and I couldn’t agree more.
  • The amazing way Iceland understood and later dramatically reduced teen drug use.
  • If I have kids, this album by Queen Bey will be an immediate download.
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Party balloons and a disco ball put me in a great mood