Grand Central Oyster Bar

One of the items on my Winter Checklist was to experience happy hour at Grand Central Oyster bar.  I didn’t want to do happy hour because of prices, I wanted to do happy hour because it felt like that’s what you do there.  It’s an iconic space where you convene after work to make big decisions before hopping on a train and maybe sneak in a clandestine smooch from your mistress.  Ok, I may have watched too much Mad Men, but I wanted that vibe in my life.  And the fact that GCT is my local subway stop that I walk through on the daily, it’s crazy I hadn’t been there before.

grand central oyster bar2

Though I said I wasn’t going for any sort of happy hour special (in fact, it was a bucket list item because I thought it would be too pricey to go regularly), after posting my list, Lindsay let me know that they have a pretty sweet happy hour deal.  $8 martinis and $1.25 Blue Point oysters.  Sign me up.

grand central oyster bar4

It was pretty much as great as I expected.  It feels like they’re stuck in the 60s (especially when it comes to bathroom decor and service) so I got to sip my dirty martini and have the exact Mad Men experience I was hoping for (minus the adultery).  Lucky for me, with these happy hour deals and such close proximity to my apartment, I can feel like Peggy Olsen all the time.

grand central oyster bar3