Book Review: You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain

At the risk of sounding like a creepy stalker, I want to search out Phoebe Robinson and force her to be my best friend.  Given that she lives in Brooklyn, it’s not totally impossible.  Basically, Robinson is hilarious, observant, and enjoys all the same pieces of pop culture as I do.

In this collection of essays, she offers her take on difficulties faced by people of color, women, and women of color.  And her take is FUNNY.  This humor brings to light some of the offenses  and biases (subconscious or not) many of us harbor in a way that makes the conversation approachable.  Like “Huh, I didn’t realize you felt that way but it totally makes sense that you do so I should probably change how I interact with the world.  Glad we had this chat.”

I waited til this book came out in paperback because…I’m cheap.  But I should have read it the moment it came out because then I could have been caught laughing out loud on the subway much earlier.

5 out of 5 stars.

you can't touch my hair

Note: This book satisfies the requirement to read “A book by a person of color” for my PopSugar Reading Challenge, though I admit I had already bought it before signing up for the challenge…hope that’s not cheating.  Also, is anyone else doing a reading challenge like this?  I’m not allowing myself to double dip, but I’m noticing a lot of my reads cross categories.  For instance, I’ve got several books by authors of color so which one do you specifically slot in this category?  I ended up choosing this one because the subject matter is about being a person of color so I thought it was most fitting, but I may end up switching things around later.  I’d love to hear from anyone else doing a reading challenge – this is my first one so I’d love to hear about any strategies/tips!