A Valentines Gift for My Beau

Ok so I know Valentine’s Day is over and you’ll have to wait a full year to put this idea into action.  I couldn’t post it in advance of the holiday because I’m lucky to have a very supportive man by my side…one who reads this blog daily would see his gift early if I posted it before the holiday.  So maybe just file this idea away for later.  Thankfully, though it’s sweet and thoughtful, it can easily be executed last minute if you’re in need of a gift idea for the beer lover in your life, regardless of holiday.

valentines beer1

Admittedly, I’m not big on Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to do a little something special for my fiancé.  I’m a firm believer that V-Day should not be about grand gestures and overly romantic nonsense; I think romance should be sprinkled throughout the year.  I am, however, also a firm believer in celebrations of all sorts, so I wanted to do just a teeny something.

valentines beer2

Albert is a big beer drinker so I decided to build him a 6-pack of beers I thought he might enjoy.  I tied a little love note around the neck of each bottle so he had something sweet to read before imbibing.  Six beers = six reasons I love him.  Awwwwwww.  You could go super sappy with your love notes or a little fun and naughty.  If there was ever a time to tell your guy you like his heiney, this is it.

If your dude is a beer drinker, this gift is super easy, has a touch of sentimentality, and costs under $20.  Albert kept calling these his flowers and I agree; this is definitely the guy version of a bouquet!

valentines beer3