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Gifting Decoded: Valentine’s Day Playlist

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not much of a Valentine’s Day kinda gal. I did, however, feel good pulling together a small something two years ago and decided it was time to, once again, give a little gift on this lovey dovey holiday. I went the DIY route again but this time it wasn’t just cheap – it was free.

My beau loves listening to music in the shower and on his morning walk to the subway. It puts the pep in his step and sets the tone for his whole day. When he received his Valentine’s Day card this morning, the envelope read “read this then check your texts”. When he went to his phone he had a link to a Spotify playlist I had put together. The playlist started with a version of our wedding song and included some of his other favorites, with Motown getting heavy representation.

This gift contains all the vital Valentine’s Day prezzie components:

  • It’s thoughtful (you’re putting special songs on that playlist, after all)
  • It’s cheap (no point in spending a lot of money on a “Hallmark Card Holiday)
  • It’s easy (I know many of you totally forgot to get a gift for your SO – you still have time to throw this together now if you needed to and still make the cutoff)

Link to the playlist below:

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