Cauliflower Fried Rice

It took me a while to make the cauliflower rice discovery but now that I have, I am fully on the bandwagon.  I am Grand Marshal-ing the cauliflower rice parade.  It really does kind of trick me into thinking I’m eating rice but being so much healthier.  I was so happy with how my lemon herb edamame cauliflower rice turned out that I was eager to quickly try out another recipe.  And, once again, snaps for Trader Joe’s for packaging this raw cauliflower already riced.  It’s so easy to do it myself in the food processor, but I love that I don’t have to.

cauliflower fried rice1

This time, I went with one of the most cauliflower rice dishes: the cauliflower version of fried rice.  I didn’t use a recipe and kept things super simple:

Start by sauteing your mirepoix in a large skillet with oil.  Mirepoix is a chopped version of the holy trinity of French cooking: onion, carrot, and celery.  Most grocery stores sell these three veggies already chopped up in one container.  It can be a lifesaver for soups or, in this case, fried rice.  The package I used seemed to be about 1.5 cups worth of veggies.  To that, add 1 package of sliced button mushrooms and two cloves of minced garlic.  Once they’ve softened, add the bag of riced cauliflower (about 3 cups) and cook over medium to high heat until everything looks softened and yummy.

Push the “rice” to one half of the skillet and crack some eggs directly in the pan.  Two works, I ended up using 3 because it made it extra fluffy.  Quickly scramble up the eggs and incorporate into the rice.  Finally, add a few tablespoons low sodium soy sauce to taste.  It would be great to add some scallions in there but I made this in a rush after work so I didn’t have any handy.  Also, feel free to switch out the mirepoix and mushrooms for peas, corn, broccoli…anything you like.

cauliflower fried rice5cauliflower fried rice3

Serve with chicken or your favorite stir fry.  This delicious 10 minute dish serves 4 as a side.

cauliflower fried rice6