Living Healthy: RXBARs

I’ve never been a protein bar kinda gal, but since I’ve started working out more, I recognize the importance of fueling up before a good sweat.  Lately, I’ve gotten into workout classes on weekend mornings, but when it’s an early class, I have no interest in cooking before heading out.

I recently discovered RXBARs as a way to energize.  I admit, I bought them because I was a sucker for the minimalist packaging.  It was my first real foray into the protein bar arena, and I was impressed.  It’s far less chalky and gummy than most protein bars, thanks in large part to the chunks of cashews throughout.  The flavors don’t taste synthetic like most protein bars, either.


While I love the texture and flavors of Kind Bars, RXBARs keep the calorie count the same while doubling the protein and cutting the fat in half.  Those are some good stats.  While I won’t give up some of my other snacks entirely, I’m happy to add an RXBAR into the mix every now and then.  It was super satisfying without weighing me down.  This is the kind of thing you eat before a hard morning workout, while my other snacks are better served as mid-day energy boosts.


Also, I love how you know exactly what you’re getting into since they list the sum total of the ingredients right there on the wrapper.  Told you that packaging was great!


FYI – My fave was the chocolate sea salt