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Book Review: The Stranger in the Woods

For years, residents of a small Maine town were plagued by burglaries.  Nothing valuable was ever taken – a box of Twinkies here, some batteries there – but they spent years trying to solve the mystery.  Finally, in 2013, after 27 years, Chris Knight was caught while stealing food from a summer camp.

Knight didn’t look like the hermit everyone pictured.  He was clean shaven, lean, and not crazed.  A hermit, however, is exactly what he was.  For decades, Knight had zero contact with anyone.  At age 20 he decided he wanted quiet and completely escaped from the world with the utmost dedication.  It’s nearly impossible to understand how he could have survived the harsh winters or even why he would want to, which makes his determination to live the life he wanted all the more intriguing.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

the stranger in the woods

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