Seared Tuna over Mexican Corn

Last night I put together quite the buffet.  It was a bad day at work as my company experienced major layoffs (thankfully, I am safe) and the best way for me to turn a bad day around is by surrounding myself with favorite foods.  One such food is seared tuna.  Seared tuna is kinda like sushi, which always feels fancy, and if you can do fancy at home, you’re bound to feel better.

seared tuna with mexican corn1

This time, however, I decided to switch up the flavor profile.  Instead of soy and sriracha, I went with cilantro and lime.  Instead of cucumber, I went with corn.  It was different from the seared tuna dish I usually prep for myself and my beau, but neither of us were complaining.

seared tuna with mexican corn2

First, make your sauce.  Simply combine a few tablespoons of mayo with the juice of 1/2 a fresh lime, and some salt.  That’s it.  Trust me, you won’t break a sweat with this one.  Next, saute up some frozen corn (I like the roasted or Mexican variety if you can find it, but any will do).  When the corn is done, remove it from the heat, toss with some fresh cilantro, and plate it.

seared tuna with mexican corn3seared tuna with mexican corn4

Finally, season a tuna steak with cayenne, chili powder, paprika, and garlic powder.  Sear the tuna for about a minute per side.  Slice and serve over corn, drizzle with sauce.

seared tuna with mexican corn5

Since it requires so little cooking (reheating frozen corn and searing off tuna for a total of 2 minutes will hardly heat up your kitchen), this is a great summertime dish.  It works well in place of a salad course or, with enough tuna, as the main.  Usually my seared tuna is paired with Asian flavors or at least a lil sriracha mayo, but these Mexican flavors were a nice change of pace.

seared tuna with mexican corn6