3 on Thursday

I am lovinggggg the Italian life.  I wish I wasn’t heading back on Sunday.  This week’s 3 on Thursday doesn’t include any Italy moments, per se, but it does include a few things that have made the traveling experience far more enjoyable.

3 on thurs1- 7.13.17

Just before leaving for our trip, The Today Show aired a segment on a new podcast called Ear Hustle.  It’s unique in that it’s recorded by prisoners in San Quentin and features stories about prison life.  My interest in prison stories goes beyond OITNB; I love watching “Locked Up” and similar programs.  It’s been really interesting learning what life is like inside a prison so this is quickly becoming a podcast I can’t get enough of.  I listened to one episode the day before we left, which meant there was only one left for my plane ride.  I could listen to these for hours.  If you’re planning a trip, this is definitely a good one to download.

3 on thurs2- 7.13.17

I only recently started to use face masks.  For $6 it offers a completely relaxing experience.  It also keeps the skin lookin fresh as a daisy so I picked up one to do on the long plane ride to Europe.  I might have looked like a crazy person using this on the plane, but I felt fab!

3 on thurs3- 7.13.17

It may not have been the smartest move to plan drinks with a friend for the night before our trip, but it actually worked out well.  It forced me to do 99% of my packing on Wednesday night.  With that out of the way, I was able to relax and enjoy the city in the summer (like at Salvation Taco, pictured above, and their rooftop), which means I started my vacay with a great mindset.