Mexican Cole Slaw

I’m picky about coleslaw.  I don’t want it to be too saucy or too sweet.  (So high maintenance, I know.)  When I saw this recipe for Mexican coleslaw, however, I knew it would be one I’d enjoy.  First of all, it’s better than normal coleslaw because it’s more than just slaw.  And then there are the Mexican flavors (cilantro! taco seasoning! jalapeno!).  Definitely not boring.

mexican coleslaw2
Look at all the colors!

I followed the recipe (an easy task, trust me) and everything came out perfectly.  I left a few seeds/ribs from the jalapeno in there because I wanted a little heat.

mexican coleslaw1
Mixing the dressing

This works great as a side (helloooo rooftop hangs and park picnics!), but it also works really well as a base for grilled or baked chicken.  I actually did that the other night – topped room temp slaw with chicken tenders that I baked with olive oil and chili lime salt.  It was a pretty perfect meal.

mexican coleslaw3
All mixed up

The addition of black beans and corn is kind of a big deal.  It’s not just boring, basic crunch crunch crunch.  Honestly, this is more like a salad.  Honestly, add a hard boiled egg to it, maybe some broccoli, and some crushed tortilla chips and this is as good as anything you could order at Chop’t or Just Salad (for half the price).

mexican coleslaw4mexican coleslaw5