Sweet & Sour

Since I’m still catching up on post-honeymoon things, Sweet & Sour will be today’s only post.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Sweet: I had a fun and unexpected lunch with a co-worker this week and an unexpected night out on Wednesday.  It’s been a fun first week back!

Sour: Our return trip from Italy was not ideal.  It was already going to be a long day with a 7 hour layover, but all started going downhill once that first flight landed.  First of all, we were only working off 4 hours of sleep, then I started running a fever during our layover and had to buy a blanket and try to find medicine in a Dusseldorf airport when neither of us speaks German, and finally we had so little legroom on the flight that when the person in front of me fully reclined I had to keep my legs in the aisle because they literally could not fit.  Upon my return to the US, I had some major stomach issues.  On the bright side, the lack of sleep and uncomfortable trip meant I went right to sleep at a normal time when we got to our apartment and completely avoided jet lag.  And while the stomach bug was not fun, it helped me lose all that pasta weight.  So there are at least some upsides!