Easy Bagel Breakfast Tacos

Ok so let me begin this post by saying that, one day, I will do a legit bagel breakfast taco recipe.  One that includes fun bagel toppings like capers or onions.  The success of this recipe only made me think of ways to make it bigger and better.  But for now, this version is still pretty dang good so I’m going to give you a recipe for easy bagel breakfast tacos, a recipe that came about as I was trying to clear out the fridge over the weekend and ended up being extra pleased with the result.

easy bagel breakfast tacos1

These tacos are simple: scramble 3 eggs with some fat free half and half and shredded parsley chive cheese.  Other cheeses would do the trick, but I happened to have this one on hand (like I said, cleaning out the fridge).  Scramble them up low and slow and, when done, pour them into 2 warmed corn tortillas.  The chive flavor of the cheese game me an idea.  It felt like a bagel-y herb so I sprinkled on some Trader Joe’s everything bagel seasoning.  A little hot sauce and you’re good to go.

easy bagel breakfast tacos2

Note: this is particularly good eaten breakfast-in-bed style.

easy bagel breakfast tacos3