PSA: Broadway Bodies

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

This week I conquered a fear: I took a dance class.  I grew up dancing, and I like to think I have at least some moves, but the reason I quit is because I’m not good at remembering the full combinations.  When it comes to individual moves, yassss queen I got you.  Putting it all together…I always forget what comes next and wind up being a beat or two behind everyone else.

broadway bodies1

Though I knew I would look stupid, I decided to give Broadway Bodies a shot because I’ve wanted to take one of their classes for years.  If you’re expecting cool branding, fun colors, and luxury shower products like you’d find at Soul Cycle or Barry’s, this is not the place for you.  There are no locker rooms.  There are no showers.  There is not even a dedicated Broadway Bodies space.  All classes are held at Chelsea Studios, which is just a set of studio rehearsal spaces located in a nondescript office space.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s just like what the pros use.  I was getting all the Smash vibes.  (Yes, I watched that show and loved it.)

broadway bodies2
You’ll find the studios on the 6th floor

I chose a song that wasn’t too fast paced and to which I knew every word.  I figured that would give me a better chance of remembering all the moves because I didn’t have to think about the music.  It was still hard for me to remember the sequence of moves, but this definitely made it easier.  I chose to werk to “Out Tonight” from Rent.  It’s fun and just a lil sexy.  Perfect.

broadway bodies5

The best part about these classes is that all the dancers really went for it.  There were plenty of uncoordinated people in the room, but nobody cared.  It was a true “dance like nobody’s watching” experience.  They live up to their “shame free” reputation at Broadway Bodies…though I’ll still probably be a bit embarrassed when I see the video they took at the end of class and plan to send out to the group (something they do at every class).

broadway bodies3
Don’t worry, the curtains get pulled back as class begins so you can watch your own sweet moves

In the end, I’ll mostly stick to my 305 Fitness classes when I want to get my dance on since I can always keep up, but it’s really nice to switch it up with a legitimately choreographed dance.  It felt like I was truly learning something new.  If you’re better than I am at remembering a full string of choreography (almost everyone is), I highly recommend these classes.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll go back for another one.

broadway bodies4
Grainy pre-class selfie