Small Kitchen Cooking

Coming Soon!

As I’ve mentioned, we are currently between apartments.  After selling the last place and before finalizing the deal/renovations of the next place, we are living in a furnished short term rental.  The place is great (rainhead shower, exposed brick – yay!) but small with not a single closet and the teeniest kitchen imaginable.  It means I’ve had to get creative when cooking meals.  With only two small burners, a mini fridge (no freezer), and no oven, cooking can be tough.  That said, I can’t order Seamless every night so I’ve had to figure out a way to cook with limited resources.

My first real meal was chicken with cauliflower rice and avocado that I later turned into a bowl.  Then I made ravioli with chicken sausage and broccoli with a chive yogurt dip.  Next, I made steak, served with squash in tomato sauce and asparagus with feta (pictured below).   I’ve started figuring things out!

It’s not necessarily easy coming up with full meals when you have very little to work with, but the result has usually been both delicious and often healthier than normal.  And there’s the pat on the back you get to give yourself when you recognize you overcame the challenges of cooking in a mini kitchen.  It got me thinking that there may be an appetite for small kitchen recipe content.  I’m hoping this series offers ideas to urbanites with small kitchens, like me.  Since I don’t have the luxury of space or cooking devices, these recipes will also naturally be easy with few ingredients as well as quick to prepare.  Perfect for those who live a busy lifestyle and/or are looking to cook on the cheap.

So for the time being, while I’m stuck with almost no kitchen, I’ll be posting recipes that show you how to make-do when you’re working with little more than a hot plate.  All posts will be tagged “Small Kitchen Cooking” so you can easily search them via the word cloud on the right bar.  I can’t wait to start sharing this content with you next week.  I hope you enjoy and maybe even get inspired!

small kitchen cooking