3 on Thursday

Other than watching UGA and ND on Saturday, I don’t have any major plans for this weekend and I’m pretty excited about it.  I’m hoping to hit up a gym class and maybe spend some time in the coffee shop.  I’m hoping to have a very relaxing weekend and take advantage of the free time before everything starts booking up with holiday parties.

3 on thurs1_11.9.17

I always love looking at the stoops in my neighborhood, especially as they decorate for fall.  Usually fall makes me anxious because it means a freezing cold winter is around the corner, but this year I’ve really enjoyed the season.

3 on thurs2_11.9.17

This past weekend was the annual Gaines bar crawl in his Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.  For the last couple years he’s invited a smaller crew over before the crawl begins for brunch and bloody marys at his place.  The spread was autumnal and amazing: bacon, sausages, monkey bread, frittata, and apple cinnamon muffins all graced the table.  It was a perfect way to coat our stomachs before the bar crawl.

3 on thurs3_11.9.17

It was so exciting to have a good friend running the marathon this year!  Sadly, we somehow missed Hart running past us, so our signs were a little useless, but hopefully they brought a smile to some of the other runners.  I am in awe of these runners.  We were posted up in Long Island City, right where they come over the Pulaski Bridge into Queens.  That’s the halfway point and even after 13.1 miles, these people still looked better than I do after 500 feet of running.  I always thought my previous viewing spots in Manhattan were good, but I really enjoyed watching from here.  It was packed but not so much that we couldn’t secure a good spot.  The weather was also amazing – sure, there was a misty drizzle, but for once it wasn’t freezing so I’m guessing the runners were happy with the conditions overall.  I hated missing Marathon Sunday last year, but loved being able to join in the city’s excitement this year!