The Atlantic

This space has been many things, all of them forgettable…until now.  The Atlantic, which takes its name from the petroleum company (gas station was one of those forgettable, previous incarnations), is a wonderful addition to the Savannah dining scene.  In fact, it’s one of the best meals I’ve had in my hometown in quite a while.

the atlantic3

First up: drinks.  I got a seasonal cocktail made with bourbon, fig, and mint.  It was delicious and just the right level of sweet.  I’m always nervous about ordering drinks with mint.  While I like the flavor, I hate sucking up the bits of the herb.  Here, all the mint is strained so you get the flavor without the fuss.  After cocktails, we moved to wine.  The owner really knows his vino so my brother simply asked him to bring out bottles he thought we’d enjoy.  After asking us random questions like how we take our coffee, he surprised us with some perfect choices.

the atlantic5

Now for food.  The menu is divided into four sections: Family, Breads, Plates, and Bowls.  With the exception of the Family column, each section indicates the vessel for the meal.  The menu is further navigated based on price.  Dishes fall into small/medium/large categories – $8/$9 items are small, $16-ish are medium, $25 range is large.  Going back to the Family section, that part of the menu is named as such because the chef asked the staff what their favorite dishes were growing up.  All items in this section are his take on their family faves.


We started by sharing several items for the table.  We ordered the onion dip, pigs in a blanket, salmon rillettes, and skewered mozzarella to share around.  While the general consensus was that the onion dip was super tasty, it wasn’t so far off from what we could find at home.  In fact, it was really similar to this addictive dip I’ve made before.  All other dishes got raves.  I originally didn’t want Albert to order the skewered mozzarella but was so happy he did.  It was like a combination between a deconstructed caprese and a grilled cheese.

the atlantic6

the atlantic7
I admit I liked the playful presentation of the chips in the bag

the atlantic8

For entrees my beau and I got three items to share.  Mark and Allison raved about the kimchee pancakes so those had to make the cut.  We also got the short ribs and scallops (yum) as well as the cauliflower bisque.  If I realized the cauliflower bisque came with two gorgeous scallops, perhaps I would have gotten a different entree over the short ribs and scallops…but really, you can never have too many perfectly cooked scallops.  But it wasn’t just the scallops that made the soup delicious.  The bisque itself was thick velvet.  I loved it.  Oh, and Mark and Allison were right about those pancakes – so good.

the atlantic10the atlantic11the atlantic9

After eating we grabbed drinks outside by the fire pit.  Because when there’s a fire pit, you MUST get drinks around it.  It’s just one of the things that makes The Atlantic a cool looking place.  Thankfully, it’s a cool tasting place as well.

the atlantic1