Three on Thursday

Last week was exhausting.  I had something every single day/night from Tuesday through Sunday.  I had so much fun, but I need a big of a break from the indulgence.  This week has been much calmer.  On Monday evening I actually made it to the grocery store and I’ve actually been able to squeeze in some gym time (something that didn’t get done at all last last week).  This weekend I’m hoping for a return of Poke Friday before heading to Connecticut for a friend’s holiday party.

3 on thurs1_12.14.17

Matt and Jen come back to NYC every year on the second weekend in December and we always make sure to get together for a fun dinner and drinks.  After dinner, we walked next door to Churchill’s, which felt so festive with all their lights and holiday decorations.  It’s always so nice getting our little crew back together, and I end up looking forward to our dinner every year.  

3 on thurs2_12.14.17

How lucky was I that I got TWO visitors over the weekend?!  In addition to Matt and Jen, Patricia also came to visit with her hubby, Alex.  I hadn’t seen her since our wedding and it’s been almost nine years since she was last in NYC. Patricia is one of my closest college/sorority buddies so I was so happy we could dance around the East Village together on Saturday night.

3 on thurs3_12.14.17

It had been so long since I was last at Veselka, and I was overdue for my fill of stuffed cabbage and pierogi.  As always, I got the meat plate and it was as good as ever.  They switched up the menu ever so slightly, but everything is still delish.  Veselka is not a spot you hear most people list as one of their favorite restaurants, but it holds a special place in our hearts.  It was here that I’ve had 4 AM drunk food to close out a night at the bars and here that my beau and I actually introduced our parents to each other.  We even took some of our engagement photos here.  This is actually one place that I’ll make a point to keep going to, even after we move.