Tuna Stuffed Roasted Bell Peppers

I love eating tuna fish when I’m home alone for supper (especially as a tuna melt – yum).  Since I don’t currently have a freezer, I don’t like buying bread or English muffins because it’ll go bad before I can go through the whole loaf/package.  I’ve been going with crackers a lot recently as my tuna vessel, but sometimes a gal’s just gotta mix it up.

tuna stuffed roasted peppers1
Before combining all ingredients

I originally thought this would be good heated up…but since I don’t have an oven, I decided to get some of those same cooked-through flavors in chilled form.  Enter: roasted bell pepper.  These babies come in a jar but have all the charred goodness of the oven-roasted guys.

tuna stuffed roasted peppers2
I played with the ingredients until I got the tuna to this consistency

Start by making your filling: mix a can of tuna with mayo to taste, crumbled feta, and pine nuts.  I also like to sprinkle herbs like oregano and crushed red pepper in there.  If your fire roasted peppers come out of the jar still in their whole form, simply fill them.  If they come in strips, spread some of the tuna on top and roll them up, securing with a toothpick if need be.

tuna stuffed roasted peppers4

These tuna stuffed peppers have a Mediterranean vibe to them.  That’s why I’m a fan of serving this meal with some hummus and pretzel thins.  It’s chilled/room temp so it has the vibe of a salad but without all the lettuce.  When you’ve been eating traditional salads for lunch a lot lately, you kinda want to avoid the lettuce at supper.

tuna stuffed roasted peppers5