3 on Thursday

So far I’ve stayed pretty true to my goal of a more relaxed holiday season this year.  The last two weeks I’ve managed to get by with only one event during each work week.  It’s definitely helped me hold on to my sanity.  Tomorrow is my last day in the office before we close up for the holidays.  Other than plans for Christmas Eve/Day, we don’t have anything scheduled so I’m looking forward to a nice staycation.  I intend to get back to my gym schedule, meet my reading goal, perhaps test some recipes, and binge watch tons of tv.

3 on thurs1_12.21.17

On Saturday we went to Connecticut for the night for a Christmas party.  The Smergs pulled out all the stops when it came to food and the holiday music never stopped.  It was great to hang out with that crew, and I love this shot of all the guys together.

3 on thurs2_12.21.17

As soon as I realized how cheap Alvin Ailey tickets were, I texted Lindsay to see if she wanted to go to a performance with me.  I had seen the company perform decades ago when they came to Savannah and was thrilled to see them perform again, particularly the famous “Revelations” piece.  This is a troupe of some of the most talented dancers I have ever seen.  They tour most of the year and are only in NYC for about a month so I strongly suggest getting tickets and seeing them for yourself.

3 on thurs3_12.21.17

I love when the holiday cards start pouring in from family and friends.  It makes me so happy to look at such lovely photos of the people we hold dear.  So many warm fuzzies!  I look forward to next year when we plan to send out our first ever holiday card of our own.