Snickity Snack: Endive with Hummus and Tabbouleh

I don’t usually eat tabbouleh by the forkful.  Maybe it’s because it’s a little toooo herbaceous on its own.  Or maybe I find it best when mixed with other textures.  Whatever the reason, I most enjoy tabbouleh when it’s a part of a more composed dish.

endive with hummus and tabbouleh1

Just because i say I want a dish to be “composed” doesn’t mean I think it should be complicated.  In fact, this is one of the easiest snacks to throw together.  It’s only three ingredients, but because you’ve put the three ingredients together, it feels a bit more legitimate.

endive with hummus and tabbouleh2
Using two colors of endive because it’s extra purty

Simply spread endive leaves with your favorite hummus (I tried edamame and jalapeno varieties – both worked) and top with a spoonful (1-2 tablespoons) of store-bought tabbouleh (I used a new cauliflower variety from Trader Joe’s).

endive with hummus and tabbouleh3

The hummus tones down all the herbs in the tabbouleh and the three items are of such varying textures that they play off each other nicely.  Another great thing about this dish is that it solves one of tabbouleh’s biggest issues: those finely minced grains and herbs can go all over the place.  The hummus gives the tabbouleh something to cling to and the endive cup contains it all.

endive with hummus and tabbouleh4

FYI: I really enjoyed this new cauliflower tabbouleh from TJ’s.  When tabbouleh is so finely minced like it usually is, it always feels more like a garnish, like something to put in your pita along with everything else.  Since the cauliflower chunks are slightly bigger (but still small enough to feel like a salad) this feels more like something that can be eaten on its own.  I even tried it mixed with some avocado and feta and found it to be a delightful lil salad.  While none of this has any bearing on the endive hummus tabbouleh dish that’s the subject of this post, I still thought you should know.