Sweet & Sour

sweet & sour

Sweet: Yesterday was my beau’s birthday!  To celebrate, I took him out to dinner so I could give him his prezzie and treat him to a warm meal on a cold night.  And on Monday the Dawgs won the Rose Bowl in a pretty epic game and are headed to the National Championship!

Sour: My weight has crept up to almost its highest point.  Clearly, this is a pattern since I hit almost the same weight at this time last year (except one pound heavier – yikes).  I was able to work it off then and am confident I can do it again.  While I have maintained a presence at the gym, it’s gone down to 2x/week.  That needs to get pumped back up to 4 and the addiction to Seamless I formed during the holidays has to stop.  Oh and it’s freezing.  Like single-digit temps…and my heavy duty winter coat is in storage.  Those are only the smallest of the sours this week.  Overall, it’s been a trying one.  We ran into some serious issues in the home buying process and after months of truly abhorrent service (we could have found and bought two homes in that time frame), we are starting the process over with a new lender.  Finally, a family member passed away last night and even though I knew this day would come, I am still shocked and saddened to lose someone so warm of heart.  This week may have been a short one, but I’m more than ready for it to be over.