3 on Thursday

I had such a wonderful holiday break!  It was entirely relaxing.  Even though I was off for a week and a half, I didn’t make any plans to go away and decided to use the time as a staycation.  While I had some grand plans of things to see and do around the city, I ended up spending most of the time bundled up on the couch because it was so cold.  I may not have made it to any museums, as intended, but I was nice and cozy and did just enough to keep me from feeling like a complete bum.  And now it’s back to work!  I’ve definitely eased into this week but managed to make it to the gym on Tuesday and look forward to celebrating my beau’s birthday tonight.

3 on thurs1_1.4.18

The first day of my holiday break started in the best way: with dinner and the movies with some girlfriends.  I have been very anxiously awaiting Pitch Perfect 3 and was not at all disappointed.  Great music and an overall feel-good flick.  The outing, which we had been planning for quite some time, is one of my favorite things to do: dinner at a favorite restaurant that’s right next to a favorite movie theater with the lazy boy seats where we can sneak in candy and wine.  I said favorite a lot of times in that sentence.  Sorry.

3 on thurs2_1.4.18

Each year I give my beau an ornament for one of his 8 nights of Chanukah.  This year’s was an engraved spoon that I found in The North Fork that I hope will inspire our recently re-invigorated love of travel.  (It’s pictured right next to the ornament I gave him last year, our monogram, which symbolized our first truly engaged Xmas.)

3 on thurs3_1.4.18

Santa really killed it this year!  I loved all of my gifts, but tickets to Come From Away were definitely a holiday highlight.  I had originally not felt so compelled to see this musical.  I can’t exactly say why, but it wasn’t calling to me.  But then I saw it was nominated for all sorts of Tonys (including Best Musical) and was soon consistently sold out so I figured maybe there’s something there.  And there was.  This was a truly fantastic show.  It tells the [true] story of a tiny town in Newfoundland, Canada that took in 7,000 stranded plane passengers who were diverted for a week after 9/11.  It doesn’t sound like much “happens” but it was just great.  Go see it.