3 on Thursday

This week was lovely because it’s been a short one, thanks to MLK Jr. Day.  Side note, it was wonderful seeing people actually appreciate the meaning of the holiday this year.  In today’s political climate, it’s important to remember this is more than just an excuse to go extra wild on Sunday Funday.

3 on thurs1_1.18.18

I am so happy to have This Is Us back.  I makes our weekly Taco Tuesday ritual even better.  Also, I don’t ever think I’ll get tired of Taco Tuesday.  This week, I sauteed the chicken with onions and Trader Joe’s Hatch Valley green salsa.  By the time the chicken was done it had an almost shredded texture and absorbed the sauce so it wasn’t at all dry.  It was almost crock pot/braised style but took wayyyyy less time.  It was so simple and made for some great tacos.  Also, I had some shredded carrots lying around and decided to throw those onto the toppings bar last minute and really liked the crunch they added to my taco.

3 on thurs2_1.18.18

My beau had not been a big watch wearer but recently spoke of wanting a nice one.  It’s all part of being a stylish grown up, I guess.  This year I decided to save up my money and get him one for his birthday.  I didn’t necessarily hit the mark when it came to style so he exchanged it for one that was more his taste.  I didn’t really care about picking the perfect watch.  I mostly wanted him to see that’s what I wanted to get him and he could exchange it for whatever particular model he liked best.  I still count it as a successful prezzie.  I’m happy to see he found one he loves and he’s been so excited to spruce up his suits with it.  He’s looking like quite the GQ man!

3 on thurs3_1.18.18

We had our company holiday party last night and it was kind of a let down.  But I did walk away with a hat so it’s not all bad.  This cap is soon to be a vintage commodity now that Time Inc. has been bought and the name will die forever.  RIP.  I wish our team (and the company as a whole) decided to join in the party fun a bit earlier, but it was still nice to hang out for the last hour and a half of the day without talking about deadlines.