Romaine Hearts with Creamy Olive Dressing + Egg

My beau looooved olives so when I saw this recipe for a salad made of romaine hearts topped with a creamy olive dressing, I knew I had to make it for him.

Romaine Hearts with Creamy Olive Dressing and Egg1

The dressing really is the star of the show here since there’s virtually no other component in the salad.  I followed the recipe exactly but eyeballed my quantities instead of using a measuring cup and it came out perfectly.

It’s basically mayo mixed with finely chopped green olives (the basic kind, stuffed with pimentos), chopped parsley, fresh lemon juice, pepper, and olive juice (pretend you’re making a dirty martini).  So easy I could make this again without ever re-looking at the recipe.  Pour the dressing over romaine hearts, top with a little more fresh parsley, and you’re done…unless you’re me.  I decided to give this dish my own little spin and think perhaps Southern Living should take note.  I added chopped hard boiled egg to the top of my salad and made it even better.  Unless you’re opposed to hard boiled egg on principle (that’s a thing), definitely add this to the dish.

Romaine Hearts with Creamy Olive Dressing and Egg5
Before topping with egg (egg version below)

Though it’s romaine and not iceberg, this is served as a giant romaine heart that I simply cut in half and topped with a creamy dressing so it’s definitely giving off wedge salad vibes.  That means it feels a lil retro and I am just loving retro lately.  This was probably the easiest salad I’ve ever thrown together…and also one of the best.  The only one my beau ever gobbled up faster was the one I topped with steak…but steak always gives salad an unfair advantage.

Romaine Hearts with Creamy Olive Dressing and Egg6