Sweet & Sour

sweet & sour

Sweet: I was able to test 3 recipes this week.  It’s been a while since I cranked that many out in a week, and it felt great.  I’m also on a roll with my reading.  I set my goal at 42 books and am already halfway done with #3.

Sour: We had our company holiday party on Wednesday (yes, in January) and it was fun but nowhere near the spectacle it normally is.  I don’t need anything flashy, but this year they didn’t even remind us that it was happening and people were reticent to leave their desks to celebrate.  The fun of the holiday party is everyone leaving work to the side for a few hours and just having a good time…which people were less likely to do since it didn’t feel like much of an event.  That said, this is the first time I’ve ever left the holiday party to cook a real supper and woke up hangover-free so it’s not all bad!