Tribeca Tavern

Tribeca Tavern looks like a small, rundown dive. The neon flickers but beckons you inside to what looks way less nice than anything else in the area.

But once inside, you realize the bar, bathed in red light, is much larger than you realized. There are doors at both ends of the long space and ample room for a pool table and lots of seating. There are also more drink and food options than you probably guessed. Yes, it’s still a chill dive, but it’s one that should not be overlooked.

This feels like the kind of bar that’s been around forever…I have no idea if that’s true. It could have opened three years ago but still maintains that old kid on the block vibe. Maybe it’s the quirks, like the bar being cash only but the waitresses accepting cards. Whatever it is, Tribeca Tavern has earned its spot in the area and is a great post-work drinks destination.