3 on Thursday

Just when you think the worst is over, a Nor’easter hits the area.  I feel like this kind of weather should be in our rearview mirror come March. Last weekend was a good mix of events: party party on Friday, not getting out of pajamas (at all) on Saturday, and social but alcohol-free on Sunday.  I’m hoping to recreate the same combo of active and relaxing this weekend.  Beware: this 3 on Thursday is all snack focused because that seems to be all I can think about lately.

3 on thurs1_3.8.18

At my old job my team had a little tradition we called #FatFriday.  Each Friday morning, we’d rotate and bring in treats for the group.  Half the group would inevitably be tired and/or hungover so carbs were necessary, and it was a nice way to ease into the last day of the work week.  I’m trying to bring Fat Friday to my new job and started last week with bagels from Zucker’s, which happens to have this nice Israeli/retro sweets display by the register.  I resisted but will probably go back for some of those goodies.  

3 on thurs2_3.8.18

I typically like to watch the Oscars at home because I want to be able to just crawl into bed when it’s over at such a late hour on Sunday.  I also don’t care to drink that late on Sunday before starting a new week at work.  (If I lived on the West Coast, things would be totally different and I’m super jealous of the Oscar parties those folks have because it starts so much earlier over there.  I digress.)  This year, however, Rebekah asked if I wanted to come over and watch at her place.  It was just the two of us so the vibe was chill and I left before it was over, but it was really nice to chat about the fashion and award winners in person vs. just sharing over text/social media like I do when I watch at home.  I put together a spread from Trader Joe’s that only cost $35 and could have fed at least 4 people.

3 on thurs3_3.8.18

A coworker just came back from Japan and brought tons of fun candy to the office.  I’m a firm believer that snacks are the best part of traveling the globe and love tasting all the interesting flavors that are found in other countries.