Java Cow

I don’t know what it is about a ski town, but for some reason when I’m there, I don’t mind eating ice cream.  Normally, frozen treats seem totally unappealing when it’s so cold out, but if I’m on a ski trip I say bring it on.  Java Cow in Park City is one of the better spots I’ve come across because it’s more than just an ice cream parlor.  In fact, one half is a coffee house, serving up some good brew and breakfast bites.  The other half is devoted to ice cream, while the whole place has a general store feel with kitschy magnets and gifts we had to continuously pry out of my klepto nephew’s hands.

java cow3

We were there for ice cream (which always tastes better when eaten by a giant cow, on hot pink stools, with mosaic tile floors) and were very pleased with the flavor selection.  They had standard flavors, like java chip and cookie dough, but then they had some funkier options like purple cow (blackberry ice cream with white and dark chocolate chunks) and moonana cup (banana ice cream with bits of peanut butter cups).

java cow2

I tasted both of those aforementioned funkier flavors (how could I not with such fun names?!) and ultimately went with the moonana cup.  The banana ice cream didn’t taste natural at all but that’s ok – it tasted exactly like banana runts, which we all know is everyone’s favorite runt flavor.  There could have been more peanut butter cups mixed in, but I still enjoyed it.

java cow4

With a lot of the restaurants on Main Street feeling a little more upscale, Java Cow is a great stop after your meal when you’re ready to chill out a bit.

java cow5