PSA: Dolly’s Bookstore

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

You probably thought I was done talking about Park City but NOPE.  On today’s Travel Tuesday, I’m talking about a bookstore I fell in love with on my last vacation.

I love love love independent bookstores.  They have this quality of immediately making you feel comfortable; that’s why I like to seek them out when I travel.  I may be far away from home, but when I walk into a local bookstore, I immediately feel at peace.  It’s also nice to have the memory of the place I’ve visited when I’m reading the book I inevitably buy while I’m there.

dolly's bookstore2

On my recent trip to Park City, I discovered Dolly’s Bookstore, right on Main Street.  It’s advertised as a place that connects people to cats and books; but don’t worry, there are no creepy cat lady vibes here.

dolly's bookstore4

Overall, I was impressed by their selection.  They had tons of those Penguin Classics with the gorgeous decorative covers.  They also had some good coffee table books, including one about iconic ski style – perfect for a ski town.  There weren’t a ton of books in each section, but they had a lot of great categories of literature so there is something for everyone.

dolly's bookstore3

I am also particularly fond of book stores that are more than just stores.  At Dolly’s, the staff weighs in on their favorite books of the moment, they host events, and there is even a book club.  One of the reasons I love books is because of the connections they allow me to make with other people so I love a book shop that helps foster that community.