Reading Lists: Ski Vacation

reading list - ski vacation1

My family typically goes skiing every winter and it’s the perfect opportunity to get a lot of reading done.  We tire ourselves out on the slopes, so we do less raging at bars and more reading on the couch each night.  Here are some books that are perfect after a long day on the mountain (and for the long plane ride out West).

reading list - ski vacation2

For the girl who wants some color amidst all that white white snow:

“The Belles” – This new YA series is a fairy tale for the teen crowd, and with all the buzz it’s been getting, I had to check it out.  In the world of Orléans, all people are born gray and ugly, other than the few Belles, who are born with beauty in their blood and possess the ability to transform others.  The Belles have the power to manipulate looks and temperament, and the people of Orléans will pay top dollar to have their appearance maintained.  Camellia is a Belle who longs to be chosen by Queen as Favorite, but the royal court of Orléans may hold more secrets than she imagined.  If you liked the parts of the Hunger Games that mentioned The Capital, you’ll enjoy The Belles.

3.75 out of 5 stars.

reading list - ski vacation3

For when the next generation joins the family trip:

“The Perfect Nanny” – We brought my oldest nephew on our ski trip for the first time this year so I was on nanny duty part of the time, making this a perfect read.  It’s also a super quick read – you’ll be done in one to two sittings.  The synopsis makes this book sound like a thriller, but really it’s a slow burn of trying to get inside the head of someone who must have been quite disturbed.  I wanted more of the “why” but the lack of answers is what makes this book so haunting.

3 out of 5 stars.


For the person who is surrounded by family in close quarters on vacation:

“Everything I Never Told You” – What happens to a family when their beloved daughter suddenly dies?  The Lees are shocked when Lydia is found dead, most likely by suicide.  She was perfect.  The star student with tons of friends.  In this exploration into one family’s past, we see how repressed feelings affect others just as much as they can affect us.  This is a story about misplaced hope and, maybe, redemption.

3.5 out of 5 stars.