3 on Thursday

I had a pretty relaxing weekend, where I caught up on a bunch of tv (binge The Sinner if you haven’t already, FYI) and relaxed.  While I ate a ton, I barely drank (just a little wine on Friday night) and worked out.  I actually managed to hit 4 workouts last week – I haven’t done that in MONTHS.  Now it’s all coming back to me…I feel much better in general when I’m consistently working out.  This week I have a couple post-work meet-ups on the calendar followed by a plan-free weekend.  That said, it’s St. Patty’s day on Saturday so I’m sure something fun will pop up.

3 on thurs1_3.15.18

Our niece, Delaney, turned two on Saturday and we were able to attend her birthday party.  She is so adorable and it was so great to see her run around with her little friends.  Now I’m excited to celebrate our nephew Reed’s second birthday this weekend.  I’m bummed we won’t be there in person, but hopefully we’ll be able to FaceTime when he opens his gift.  On top of that, [my cousins] Harris and Elissa just gave birth to their baby, Sophie Pearl Konter, on Saturday.  It’s a big week for kiddos in our family!

3 on thurs2_3.15.18

I love going out to visit Amanda, Will, and Delaney; however, their new house is in a more remote area that’s not easily accessible by train.  After our last trip there, we learned our lesson and rented a car.  This is the first time I’ve personally rented a car and the first time I’ve ever driven in/out of the city.  Because NYC traffic is so nuts, this was a weird bucket list item for me that I can finally mark as completed!

3 on thurs3_3.15.18

Danielle and I met up for dinner on Tuesday and decided to keep things casual by going to Forty Carrots.  I gotta say, their froyo is unlike any other.  I love that they have melba sauce and mango pearls as toppings.  Not everyone does, and it’s a game changer.  Even though their portions are way too huge, I loved having a fun treat like that early in the week.  Catching up with friends over froyo can be just as fun as catching up over wine – who knew?!