Pizza Fresca

Last week, a group of gals at my office went to lunch together to celebrate International Women’s Day.  After all, we’re a bunch of powerful boss ladies – time to rejoice!

pizza fresca1

We went just around the corner to Pizza Fresca for a legit Italian meal in what felt like a real trattoria.  I can break down the experience pretty easily: great pizza, very nice wine list, not the best service.

pizza fresca2

While they had a lunch special, everyone ended up preferring the options on the standard menu.  I ordered the Savoia (mushrooms, pancetta, fontina, and buffalo mozzarella).  It was a really great pizza.  I ate every bite.  I don’t know that eating an entire pizza is wise, but it’s definitely delish.  It tasted even better when washed down with some chianti.

pizza fresca3

The downside was the service.  I’m guessing it’s because they’re not accustomed to a lunch crowd, and certainly not a table of eight.  Our server only handled one thing at a time.  She handled just the water order, then we waited a while before coming back to get our wine order, and then another wait before the main order….and then two of us got our pizzas much later than the rest of the group.  Considering there were only four other people in the restaurant, we shouldn’t have had to wait.  Maybe it was an off day – I’d be willing to try again…but I’m willing to try almost anything if pizza is involved.