Snickity Snack: Avocado and Goat Cheese Matzah

You know what has been all the rage over Insta this month? Avocado matzah.  I don’t know why I’m so surprised.  Our collective newsfeeds are pretty much saturated with avo toast so this should have been the very obvious next step for trendy Jewish gals.  On Saturday and Sunday, I saw post after post of crushed avocado on matzah by girls ironically acknowledging their “basic” nature.  I started to roll my eyes…til I realized this might be the only thing other than a tuna melt that could make matzah actually edible.

It was time for me to jump on board.

My version is made by simply spreading goat cheese on matzah and topping with sliced avocado, fresh dill, and fresh ground pepper.  (You may need salt – depends on what kind of goat cheese you’re using.)

So few ingredients and I PROMISE this will completely change your passover game.

avocado matzah2