Book Review: We Were The Lucky Ones

Considering this book begins and ends during Passover, it was very fitting that I finished it on Friday, the day of the first seder this year.

We Were The Lucky Ones follows the Kurc family for nearly a decade as they are torn apart and suffer through the atrocities of the Holocaust.  What begins with small undertones of animosity in their hometown of Radom, Poland, ends with the city’s Jewish population decimated.  At the start of the war, there were 30,000 Jews in Radom (1/3 of the population).  By the end, less than 300 remained.

The most incredible part of this story is that it’s based on reality.  It may be written as a novel (rather than memoir); however, this story is rooted in truth.  Though author Georgia Hunter didn’t know it as a child, she learned at age 15 that she came from a family of Holocaust survivors.  Survivors.  Whether it was their will to remain a family unit or sheer luck, it is a beautiful miracle that the Kurcs came out the other end in tact. Through extensive research, she has pieced together her family’s incredible story.  I highly encourage you to swim around the author’s website to learn more.

we were the lucky ones