My 2018 Spring Checklist

Time to celebrate this new season!

spring 2018 checklist

  • Try a funky subscription box.  I’m thinking this one or this one may make the cut.  And most likely this one.
  • Check out Tokyo Record Bar.  I put this on my to-do list back in January.  I enjoy speakeasy type places and enjoy a reasonably priced tasting menu even more.  The fact that this place also lets you choose a couple songs to contribute to the restaurant’s all-vinyl soundtrack has me extra intrigued.  And you get a slice of pizza at the end?!?!  Seriously, who wants to go with me?
  • Geek out at the new spy museum.  I’m already humming the Mission: Impossible theme song in my head.
  • Go on a Prohibition Pub Crawl.  This tour combines some of my favorite pastimes: drinking cool cocktails, being sneaky, and nerding out on mafia history.