3 on Thursday

We’re more than halfway done with Passover!  This is NOT my favorite holiday.  I love the tradition and jovial feel of the seders, but after that, it’s just a bunch of dietary restrictions, which I find particularly difficult since I don’t normally abide by standard kosher rules but follow them in addition to the more stringent Passover ones for these eight days.  This year I’m extra happy to break Passover because the end of the holiday falls on the same night that we’re celebrating our one year anniversary.

3 on thurs1_4.5.18

Passover felt particularly tough this year because I didn’t really have the seder celebration to offset the subsequent diet.  For about six or seven years, I’ve hosted a seder for friends and family, and it’s been a tradition I look forward to.  Last year, I didn’t host because we were still in Savannah for our wedding so we celebrated with my family (a wonderful substitute).  I had anticipated hosting this year, but setbacks in our apartment purchase meant we weren’t (still aren’t) renovated and moved in time.  On top of that, my beau and I split up since Easter fell at the same time.  I did nothing for the first seder and spent the second one with Matt, Karina, and Leo at their synagogue’s community seder.  Tt was a lovely seder and so nice I got to spend it with some of the most important people in my life.  I have to admit, I was disappointed it couldn’t be our typical celebration, but if I have to trade that it, it was nice to celebrate with those three.

3 on thurs2_4.5.18

I honestly thought it was a delayed April Fools joke that I woke up on Monday to pretty heavy snow.  It was April 2nd for crying out loud!  It hit 60 degrees the two previous days so it felt completely silly to see so much snow.  I am, however, happy to report that I still made it to the gym and because I woke up early to work out, I was able to see the snow in it’s beautiful state, before it turned to brown slush.

3 on thurs3_4.5.18

Outside of the crazy weather on Monday, it has actually starteddddd to feel like spring, and I got the flowers to prove it.