Rainbow Falafel & Shawarma

A few blocks from my office is a window of a place selling falafel, shawarma, grape leaves, baklava, and other Middle Eastern delicacies.  I’m sure you could guess this metaphor was coming, but the place is called Rainbow, and their food is quite the pot of gold.

rainbow falafel and shawarma1rainbow falafel and shawarma2

There are no frills here.  With no seating, it’s strictly grab-and-go, and there is a cash only policy.  You won’t need too much cash though because a sandwich will only set you back about six or seven bucks.  I spent a total of $11, but that’s only because I couldn’t help but get a side of grape leaves and a baklava-esque pastry to share with my office mates.

I’m picky about falafel so I went with shawarma and loaded it up with all the fixins (note: I recommend hot sauce).  I’ve since seen the falafel, courtesy of a co-worker, and it looked to have a nice texture so next time I intend to try the shwafel (shawarma AND falafel all in one pita).  My pita was delicious and perfectly sized.  I also loved the grape leaves.  My pastry was not as good as others I’ve tried, but I have a feeling the regular baklava is really good, considering it consistently sells out.

rainbow falafel and shawarma4