Federal Donuts

Doughnuts became super extra popular a few years ago.  Not just any doughnuts – the artisinal kind.  And one of the most buzzed about spots in the country is Federal Donuts, in Philly.  It’s one of those must-stop places so I had to check it out on my most recent visit…even if the other three people I was with were too full join me.

federal donuts1

Albert, Lindsay, and Jason stood outside while I went into the small storefront to hem and haw over my doughnut decision.  There were three or four that looked particularly interesting to me, but the girl at the counter finally helped me choose the strawberry lavendar, one of their classics.  (I’ll have to go back for the pastelito, though.) When the person next to me was handed a fried chicken sandwich that looked too good to pass up, I made a last minute addition to my order.

Both the sandwich and the doughnut were INHALED.  The doughnut was nice and warm and I loved that it was sugared, not glazed.  It was light with a true lavender flavor.  I love the smell of lavender, but it’s not incorporated into desserts nearly as often as it should be.  The sandwich was also perfection.  (I apologize for the terrible pic above – my camera was not perfection that day.)  The chicken was juicy and the breading clearly spiced.  I’m not accustomed to cheese on a fried chicken sandwich, but I’m not opposed to it.  The real winners in the accoutrements game here were the spicy sauce and pickle.

federal donuts2

Fried chicken and doughnuts actually make sense.  At home, my father always likes to end a meal out (which, in Savannah, is often fried chicken) with a stop at Krispy Kreme.  This place just combines the two – genius!