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Daa! Dumplings

I love that my office is so close to Madison Square Park mostly because that means I’m able to enjoy Madison Square Eats when it’s around.  I was very excited to see there were quite a few newcomers this season, including Daa! Dumplings.

daa! dumplings2

Daa! Dumplings sells palmeni, the Russian-style dumplings that I fell in love with via Trader Joe’s, of all places.  They offer several flavors (shredded beef & pork, pork, beef, chicken, potato, or cabbage) in two order sizes, 12 ($8.75) or 18 ($12.75).  Both orders come with a pickle spear and choice of side sauce.

daa! dumplings3

I went half and half with the 18 dumpling meal size.  Of the two flavors, shredded beef & pork and chicken, I probably liked the beef & pork the most, but both were very good.  For sauces, I got the sour cream as well as the spicy adjika tomatoes.  I thought the tomatoes were almost more sweet than spicy, but I really liked mixing them together.  Overall, these palmeni were authentic and packed with flavor.  For $13 I wish they were a liiiittle more filling, but I was happy with my meal.  I also love dumplings as street food vs. the standard options – it’s surprising easy to eat these guys on the go.

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