Sweet & Sour

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Sweet: We got ourselves as unpacked as possible (at least until we receive the rest of our furniture).  Getting unpacked makes our apartment feel more like home…even if we don’t yet have a couch or bed.  Also, I’m sooooo excited to be heading home tonight.  The weather is not supposed to be great, but I don’t even care.  As long as I can see the beach/pool, I’ll be happy.

Sour: This has been the roughest work week I can remember.  It’s one of those weeks where there was more work than anyone knew what to do with and I felt dismissed multiple times.  I can’t get into it, but there was a lot of condescension going on.  Also, gender inequality is a real thing.  I’m thinking this is just a one time thing (since I’ve been loving work in general) and Mercury must be in retrograde or something.