3 on Thursday

After a wonderful weekend spent celebrating my birthday, it’s back to reality.  I feel like I’m starting – one small step at a time – to settle into a routine.  I’m starting to cook in our new home, check out new restaurants around the city, and even getting back into my workout game.  It feels good!

3 on thurs1_6.14.18

I really like DC’s Union Station.  It’s beautiful, clean, and filled with quality fast food to fuel up before a train ride.  Most importantly, when I pass through here, I know it means I’m about to be hanging out with my bestie.  With my beau away at a bachelor party, I decided to head to DC to spend my bday with Liz.  We always spend our birthdays together but since Albert was away and I don’t yet have furniture, it made sense for me to go there this year – plus, who doesn’t love a birthday adventure?! We did it UP.  We had a little date night on Friday at a great restaurant, then a 305 class Saturday morning, followed by boozy brunch and bar hopping all day/night with the Pride parade as a colorful backdrop.  Finally, Sunday was spent as an adult slumber party where we all wore pjs, watched movies, and ate junk food (and left before actually spending the night).  It was a perfect weekend!

3 on thurs2_6.14.18

I’m really into the idea of alternative hummus – hummus made out of things other than chickpeas (black beans, edamame, etc.).  I recently discovered this cucumber version at the grocery store and it’s a new fave.

3 on thurs3_6.14.18

It was time for a book buying spree and I bought so many that the store had to give me a bag with extra sturdy handles.  It was actually a proud moment for me.