Sweet & Sour

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Sweet: I’m heading to Boston for a spur of the moment weekend getaway.  My beau is there for a week and thought it would be fun to plan a little spontaneous trip to hang with him while he’s there.  I love Boston but haven’t been in forever.  I can’t wait to explore! Another good thing about this week? Now that our tv is all set up, I’ve been able to start loading up the DVR again.  It’s way nicer to spend a lazy Sunday on the couch when mindless tv is already queued up.

Sour: I found out a couple of my closest friends won’t be able to attend our housewarming party.  We’ll, of course, still have the BEST time, but it’s always better when they’re around.  Also, just thinking about the housewarming makes me stressed about not having my outfit yet.  I keep ordering things that don’t work and starting to panic.